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Get updated credit scores, reports and alerts to always know what’s happening with your credit.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

Features You'll Love

Specialist Support

to do the heavy lifting and guide you through each step of the credit building process.

Frequent Updates

with each change to your newly evolving and improving credit profile.

Privacy & Protection

to protect your credit and identity with $1 Million in Identity Theft Insurance.

With Credzy you'll get...

  • A custom roadmap to becoming Home Ready
  • Access to budgeting tools like Cashflow Accelerator
  • Access to credit card offers
  • Access to our online education center
  • Contact with your specialist
  • Service forms for Rent Reporting with Can Rent Build Credit and Student Loans
  • Push notifications to stay on top of your newly evolving credit profile

How Credzy Works

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Install the app

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Use Your CIG Portal 

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Enjoy the Features

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* Available on iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

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